Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)

For students with an interest in studying at a University abroad, the Advanced Certificate in English is a commonly-accepted proof of high-level English language skills. In the European reference system the CAE certificate proves C1 levels in English (the Matura is B2); some students are even able to reach C2 (the highest ranking).
The Unverbindliche-Übung CAE prepares students for the Cambridge test. The course content is also useful for preparing for an impressive English oral Matura. We practice the official test tasks, but we also spend time putting students' English to use in thinking about & responding to a wide variety of topics. We try to have some fun, too—in the past, we've listened to Prince’s “1999” and pitched a new class of tickets to an airline (“first class” is nothing compared to “majesty class”). Taking the UÜ does not require the student to take the Cambridge Exam. As there are several exam dates during the year, students can decide during the UÜ whether or not to take the Cambridge exam. Students must be the cost of the exam fee privately.
The classes meet once a week for 2 hours in the afternoon. It is intended for students in the 7th & 8th classes with strong English skills.

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