Registration PVS St. Pölten

Pre-registration must be made in person at the main office on Tuesdays from 8:30-10:30am (except on school holidays). Appointments are not necessary.
Admission takes places after school enrollment packets have been completed. All registered pupils will be invited to a personal interview and the date and time will be sent to you by mail.


PVS Mary Ward is a private Catholic School which follows the traditional beliefs of Mary Ward and the Congregation Jesu (formerly known as the Englische Fräulein), which has been a school for over 300 years in St. Pölten.
Today the school authority is part of the association of order schools in Austria.
We encourage the integral personal development of each student and promote humanity, attentiveness and openness towards questions of belief. Reflection and practice have significant value. Our school has a family atmosphere and promotes personal attention and companionship.

We Offer:

Cooperation with our Mary Ward after school care center for children Hort